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Our Rug Cleaning Service

Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and dining room. Area rugs are becoming popular in every room in the home, especially in homes with wood, tile or stone floors. The rising popularity of area rugs is easy to understand these rugs run the gambit from extremely affordable to highly expensive works of art making them perfect for every budget and every décor. While some inexpensive area rugs are made to be washed in a standard washing machine, other area rugs are of a size or made of fibers that require a gentler cleaning.

Cleaning your area rugs yourself can not only be time consuming, but somewhat challenging since rental machines designed for carpeting tend to be hard on area rugs often resulting in bunching the rug up or tearing off fringes resulting in uneven cleaning and wet spots that can take forever to dry giving mildew an opportunity to take root in your rug’s fibers. Here at Oceanside Carpet Cleaning Pros we can make having your area rugs cleaned affordable and convenient.

Two Area Rug Cleaning Options

In order to make having your area rugs cleaned even more convenient
we are proud to offer all of our customers two great area rug cleaning options.

Area Rug Cleaning At Home

The first area rug cleaning option we offer is to have your area rugs cleaned in your home. This option is most used by people who have large area rugs for such rooms as their living room or dining room. When you choose this option you simply give us a call and set up an appointment at a time that is convenient to you and we will come to your home and clean your area rugs right then and there. Our in home cleaning option allows you to take advantage of our extended cleaning hours and our same day service.

Pick Up & Delivery Option

Our second area rug cleaning option is our pick up and delivery option. This option is perfect for customers who have limited time to spend at home. If you choose this option you simply give us a call and arrange for us to come and pick up your area rugs at a time that is convenient for you. We will then take your area rugs back to our facility where we clean them and even make minor necessary repairs, before returning them to you, again at a time that is convenient for you. Pick up and delivery is free. You only pay for the rug cleaning itself.

Area Rugs We Clean

We clean all different types of area rugs including:

  Turkish / Persian

  Indian / Japanese

  Silk / Satin / Shag

  Natural & Synthetic fabrics

  Polyester & polyester blends

  Wool & wool blends

Our organic cleaners are great at removing stains and odors from your area rugs
leaving them looking as fresh and clean as you want them to be.

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